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R-Squad…. What’s the Grossest Thing That’s Happened to You Lately??

Hey friends! My squad mate Kirsty Marshall wrote this blog and gave me permission to share it. I couldn’t deny the opportunity to share with you the horrors of life on the Race. She asked as many people on the squad as she could what the grossest thing that happened to them on the Race was so far. Here are all of our responses. 


“For many of you reading this, it was probably eating carrots. THEY’RE THE WORST, STOP EATING THEM. Mind you, I have had them nearly every day since beginning the World Race. 

Moving on… I have witnessed many gross things since being on the World Race. And I don’t like gross things. They’re gross. I can’t even say the F word. The one that starts with F and ends with art. And I don’t like “toilet humour” in movies. I cringe.

But I am going to ask my squad! 

I am kind of scared of what I might find out once I start asking people.

I will have to make this anonymous so girls can tell the truth. But I will go ahead & tell you mine first…

Without a doubt it was pulling a decomposing bug half the size of an ear plug from my ear, 2 weeks, 2 weeks, 2 WEEKS, after I went to the emergency unit in Mozambique to have it removed. It was not completely removed from my ear canal as they thought (Brittney, Sybil). And it was terrifyingly gross to know it had been in there the whole time. I’m too grossed out to show you the photo of it.


Here are everyone else’s responses… I will only reveal if the story was from a girl or a guy… 


– Picking up a child & not knowing if they were wet because of the rain or if it was pee / girl

– Drip drying after urinating because we’ve run out of toilet paper / girl

– When I had diarrhoea whilst camping & I was locked outside of the house / girl

– I sharted / girl (please google urban dictionary for full description)

– I was constipated for 8 days / girl

– Squeezing my leg & puss coming out after my bug bite got infected / girl

– I was in the shower & my friend was like dude I have to go to the bathroom.  Dude I can’t wait! So then he busted into the room & jumped onto the toilet & diarrhoea’d right next to me while I was showering / guy

– Driving around & seeing a guy squatting on the side of the road taking a dump. Literally saw everything / guy

– I sharted / guy

– I ate a big beetle / guy

– Peed myself in my tent because I couldn’t get the zipper undone. And then I finally got it undone & ran to the house only to pee myself again when I ran into the clothes line because I couldn’t see in the dark / girl

– My teammate left his dirty sweaty bandage that had been worn for a week on my pillow / girl

– I woke up to my teammate puking next to me / guy

– I had an infection in the bottom of my foot & my skin rotted so much I could see the muscle tissue / guy

– An old woman hopped out of a taxi, knelt down on the ground & peed right in front of me, whilst making eye contact / guy

– I nearly peed myself in the middle of the night because I don’t like walking into the bathroom without shoes on & I couldn’t find the shoes in the dark so I stood outside until I found 1 flip flop & hopped into the toilet on one foot / girl

– At my first ministry place there were dogs with sores all over their bodies that were bleeding & they used to come up & rub their bloody sores all over you / girl

– I sharted / girl

– Two little boys peeing on each other / girl

– One kid pulls his pants down & starts peeing & in the middle of it he pulls his pants back up & continues peeing. So his pants are getting all wet & then he runs over to us & wants us to pick him up / guy

– We were driving one day & our host saw a dead dog on the side of the road so he stopped & walked over to it with a stick & started poking it to see if it was alive. That was the worst day / girl

– A little boy at our care point had a huge ripped hole in the front of his pants & didn’t wear any underwear. He would play with his bits & then touch other things / girl

– Children pooping & peeing all over the place & each other / girl

– Wringing out a dirty mop with my hands, multiple times, like it was normal / girl

– I was sick & I ran to the toilet but I missed.. and when I came out I said “I accidentally pooped on the floor” and one of my squad mates said “that’s ok I pooped my bed last night” / girl

– There was a hole in the dirt we had to pee in, so I squatted over it to pee & as soon as I peed a swarm of bugs came up out of the hole & they were hitting my butt & my legs but I couldn’t stop peeing so I just had to squat there & let it happen / girl

– Someone playing my guitar while using the toilet / girl

– Watching a girl vomit / guy

– I was having a one on one with someone in a lagoon & had a severe attack of diarrhoea, I couldn’t stop it & had to ask the person to swim away immediately. I had to pull my swimsuit aside to let it happen / girl

– I woke up and a cockroach was crawling on my face / girl

– I had two little girls asleep on me & one of them peed on me. I didn’t want to wake her up so I continued to sit there for two hours / girl

– Scooping sewage with only a cup & no gloves into a bucket. My bare hands had sewage all over them / girl

– When I used someone’s mosquito net & I woke up with flea bites all over me because the mosquito net was infested with them / girl

– I was running a half marathon & had to poop. There was nowhere to go so I had to go behind a tree along the way / girl

– I was told I was too dirty for ministry & had to go change out of my shirt that used to be white / girl

– I hadn’t washed my clothes in two weeks & when I took them out to wash one of my pairs of underwear had mould growing on it / girl

– I sharted / girl

– I wore the same clothes for 5 days in a row without showering / guy

– I was doing my laundry & found a pad in the bucket of water. I forgot to take it off my undies / girl

– I stepped in sewage & dog poo / girl

– One time we went to a village & we watched a pig get slaughtered then they cooked it but it still had hairs on it , a lot of hair & it was undercooked /girl

– We were tenting last month & I woke up with a sore tummy & thought ohhh I’m going to puke so I got out of my tent & ran to the toilet but I didn’t make it & puked right outside a guys tent. And then someone came to help clean it up with a cereal box & as we were walking away with it the bottom of the box fell out & it fell all over the place again / girl

– I was in the water doing a one on one with someone when they desperately announced to move away as they had bad diarrhoea / girl

– A little boy who lived near where I was camping used to pick my tent to poo next to every day / guy 

– A couple of days ago we went to a squatty potty at our ministry site, we went in & saw a huge turd sitting in there. I had to pee, I couldn’t not pee so I had to squat over the mound of poo & I had to squat low to successfully pee. I was laughing so hard at how bad it was that I peed on my own foot / girl

– I missed the squatty potty hole & pooped right next to it. It was runny so I had to scoop it up & put it in the hole / girl

– At one of our ministry locations there was no toilet or squatty potty, it was just a hut with dirt, no hole. My friend asked to go to the toilet so an old lady took her to this place & pointed to the ground. She asked if this is where she should go, the lady said yes. Then she asked if the lady was going to watch, the lady said yes so she just pulled down her pants & peed / girl

– Fixing our teams sewage problem at our last ministry location / guy

– Looking into the squatty potty and seeing maggots swarming the poo / girl 

– Accidentally putting toilet paper into the toilet when you weren’t allowed to. I was so scared I would get in trouble for it that I put my hand in there to scoop it out. The toilets were broken at this stage & not flushing so there was heaps of “business” in there. It was the worst / girl

– I sharted this morning / girl

– I opened up our tub of peanut butter & it was filled with ants / girl

– We were walking past a garbage dump & a father was holding his child over the pile of rubbish in a squatting position while he pooped there / girl

– I went to the internet cafe & they gave me a paper slip to mark my arrival time. I was scratching a mosquito bite that started bleeding, a lot. I didn’t have anything on me so I used the paper slip they gave me to wipe it away. When I left they asked me for it & I said sorry I don’t have it anymore… But they kept asking for it so I had to explain that I had used it to wipe my blood. They still didn’t understand so I had to show them. They were very disturbed & looked at me in disgust. / girl


So what I found interesting was that the girls were way more amused with this than the guys. The guys weren’t really phased.  Like they didn’t even ask me what other stories were on here. The girls wanted to know everythinnnng. It was my teams favourite bed time stories & they couldn’t wait for the new additions every day. 

I think that is because it’s just everyday life for the guys? They’re just used to gross things happening to them. Haha. Gross. 

And girls actually poop? And how honest they were with me about it? Can you believe it!? I’m horrified. Who are these people.


Thank you R squad for sharing. I’m sorry so many gross things have happened to you.”


Welcome to my last three months on the field! Ha!

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