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30 Day Discipline Challenge

Long time no blog, friends! It’s good to finally get back online (and make myself blog). My squad and I are officially in Month 8. This month looks a little differently for me team and ministry-wise. All of the guys on our squad and Fusion squad have “Manistry” this month, so us lucky ladies on a co-ed team have been paired up with 3 of the girls from Fusion squad who are also on a co-ed team! Here’s a pic of my new friends:

Aren’t we cute?


My team and I are currently in Kathmandu, Nepal and our ministry this month is ATL: “ask the Lord”. We have no contacts or hosts set up and enter into prayer with the Lord daily for direction and ministry opportunities. Coming out of month 7 in India, I was struggling pretty heavily with my laziness and apathy. I had gotten to a point where I thought “You know what, I’ve done it. I’ve been on the Race for 7 months, I have traveled and seen 8 beautiful countries, met incredible people, had wonderful conversations, struggled against convictions and temptations, been delivered from habitual sin, and endured the challenge of living in hard-loving-accountable community. I have evangelized in villages, prayed with and over hundreds of people, seen lives changed, witnessed miracles, and grown deeper in intimacy with the Lord. I have gained dependence on God, loosened my heart strings formerly tied to home, gone months without hearing from my friends and family, missed an entire summer of working at Camp Thurman, wrestled to maintain a long-term long-distance relationship, increased exponentially in faith and steadfastness, and relied on the Lord mightily. I have been to the nations, I have loved the least, I have preached the Good News, and I have brought Kingdom glory. I have done it, I am proud of the work I have done, and I am ok with being finished now. I could go home. I could be done.” I was stuck in that mindset for a couple weeks, too. However, it seemed sad to me that the purpose of a Christian with a heart for Kingdom advancement could ever reach absolute fulfillment. At that point there would be no more work to be done, and I would lack in ambition, drive, and anything to work towards. That would leave me purposeless. That’s sad! Through that, the Lord continued to press into me the importance of endurance for the Kingdom, reminding me that work will always need to be done and that it doesn’t stop just because I return to America in November. Over the past few weeks, the Lord has called me higher in my heart posture and attitude towards the longevity of true Christian ministry.


SO, in light of that, I began to lift up my ATL month to the Lord, leaning into what He had for my time in Nepal and received: “discipline”. (UGH.) Ha! Of course He has called me to stronger discipline of self and in my spiritual life. (Insight for those of you who don’t know me well: discipline is not my thing. I’m just not good at it, haha.) However, I believe that through the next 30 days, the Lord is inviting me into deeper intimacy with Him and through that, he intends to give me more endurance, more of Himself, and more joy for the last 111 days of my Race. Yeah, you heard it: 111 days! 


I made myself a 30 day “discipline calendar” and color coded it because everything is more fun and way cuter when it is color coded.

(Only 12 days are on the page, but it repeats and you get the picture.) For the month of August, I will enter into daily Scripture reading, alone time with the Lord, a book and study of Christian discipline, times of worship, prayer, blogging, and reflective journaling. I will read a Psalm in the morning and a Psalm in the Evening. “Dailies” are daily Scripture readings from the book I’m in right now. “COD” is the book “Celebration of Discipline” by Richard Foster, so each week I will read a chapter about a different spiritual discipline and walk through a reflective study. Other than those few, everything else is pretty self explanatory. Also, I’ll be blogging once a week (yay.) 


Through the next 30 days, I hope to taste and see more of the Lord’s goodness, draw closer to Him, instill a habit of discipline, and foster a heart that becomes excited about opportunity to spend time with the Lord rather than feeling burdened by the task. I still have 4 months left on field, but I recognize that re-entry in November is quickly approaching and still desire to carry what the Race has taught me Stateside come this fall.


It’s gonna be good! Woot!


(Also here’s a picture of me with a falafel in my pocket just because.)


  1. Love this Katy, such a great reminder that the work is ever finished, but we continue to press into Him.
    I know it’s been hard but I’m proud of you and glad you stuck it out. Love you.

  2. Katy, keep running the good race. I’m proud of you for being an open vessel to the Lord’s teaching and discipline in your life. You will never regret this year of growth. It will be experience. I’m praying for perserverence, joy and insight as you finish the race strong. Mama Jaws

  3. Katy, I love how honest and real you are, which I believe will let us see Gods work in and through you even more! You are dearly loved and chosen, and God is using this Race to transform you (and others). What a remarkable, personalized way He shows us love. Blessings to you, sweet girl!

  4. Katy, as others have said, we are really glad that you did not choose the easy path of saying, “Yup – been there, done that. I can go home now.” What we have seen with our previous squads is that it is during this time, when you have to hunker down, dig deep, and keep on moving forward, that you often see some of the best fruit. That fruit will be both internal (interesting that God gave you “discipline” for this month) AND external. We are excited to see what God has planned for you all these last 4 months of your Race – and beyond! Those disciplines you’ll be working on this month will stick with you the rest of your life and will continue to bear fruit for the Kingdom. We love you, girl!

  5. Ahhhh, I love this SO much!! I tend to have He same reaction when God’s word for me is “discipline”. Lol. I’ve had the COD book in my eBay cart for months now. I guess I’ll go buy it and do this with you…ughhhhhhh!!!! Lol. Love you. So proud of you.

  6. Katy, I will be praying that the Spirit continue to fill you and equip you for the 111 days remaining! “He has shown his people the power of his works, in giving them the inheritance of the nations.” From your morning Psalm – just for you! You inspire me. You bring His joy, laughter, and blessing wherever you go.

  7. I love how you are processing through this, Katy. Nate said he felt this way with retirement approaching in a few years….that he would turn over the ministry reins to youngers and coast….but God NEVER wants us to stop ministry. It is the way we are to live, making the most of every opportunity. So then …bam….out of the blue came World Race coaching. NAte says God was calling him to step UP not down. NAte’s mom spent the last few years of her life in a nursing home after a stroke. That nursing home was her mission field. She led many people to Jesus there, prayed and comforted others, and discipledbus in the process…showing us how to die well. Press on! The harvest is ready!

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